Argus Collectors Group Event Saturday March 6th from 4 to 6PM (EST)
Is the COVID winter blues getting you down? Do you miss the comradery of gathering with like-minded collectors/photographers/historians? If so, you’re going to want to join us for the 2021 Late Winter Argus Collectors Group (ACG)/Argus Museum Gathering!

The virtual event takes place Saturday, March 6, 4-6pm EST. The afternoon includes a tour of the almost-hidden Argus Museum’s offices and storage spaces. Wesley Furr (Bridgewater, VA), is the featured “Getting to know your Fellow ACGer”, and will share his lens collection (and whatever else he wants to talk about). A group presentation on the Model Forty Argoflex camera (1950-54) headlines the event. Participants are encouraged to have their Model Forty on hand to share with the group. Of course, there will be box lot auction donation of items you most definitely need! (Stay tuned for details.)

To register for the Zoom event, please fill out the Gathering online registration form. We will be posting details on the Argus Museum Facebook page, on the ACG list-serve, and on the ACG site, here. The ACG is a great group to be involved in regardless of your Argus knowledge, or lack of it. So join us Saturday, March 6 for an enjoyable, and informative, late winter afternoon get-together. See you soon!


hree examples of the Ciro-flex as sold under various brands. Find a DeJur Reflex, and the other five Ciro-flexes, and you’ve got the complete set!
Ciro-flex model A: Very early example, as shown by the ‘Detroit Michigan’ identifier on the faceplate (later models came from Ohio). Wollensak 83mm f/3.5 lens has a bit of dust, a very small bit of dirt or maybe fungus on one edge. Wollensak Alphax shutter 10-200, T, B works well, but the housing rotates in it mount — just needs the retaining ring tightened with a proper tool. Missing some leatherette pieces. Includes 120 take-up spool.
Marvel-Flex: The Ciro-flex A, as sold by Sears (‘Marvel’ was their brand before ‘Tower’). Has been converted to use 127 film, but could be used for 120 by removing the film plane mask inside (also has viewfinder mask). Includes a 127 spool with adapters. Nice job done adding the second red window for 127 — clean hole in pressure plate, nice fit in body. Wollensak 83mm f/3.5 lens has dust and possible small fungus spots. Wollensak Alphax shutter 10-200, T, B inoperable but appears like it would respond to cleaning. Some wear, corrosion and small paint chips.
Graflex 22 model 400: Model made for the U. S. Government — probably not military. 85mm f/3.5 Graflex Graftar lens has extensive fungus. Wollensak Graphex shutter 1-400, T & B, speeds below 1/25 are essentially stuck but sounds like they might respond to cleaning. Marked M & X flash sync settings with hot shoe, all of which is untested. Includes 120 take-up spool.
Original Model C lens shade and frame finder outfit. These are uncommon accessories and look great on your C-3 (see photos below)
Uncommon “C-3 mock-up” box and 100mm Tele-Sandmar: This is a hard to find and very neat item for any C-C collection. The idea is that the bottom of the box that holds the lens looks like a C-3 and has a place where the lens can be placed as though it were actually attached to the “camera.” There is a little wear on the “lens mount” area of the box
A working Yashica Electro 35 Model G. Most of these cameras have the “pad of death” failure, so buying one is a gamble. Pam and I have fixed the pad of death failure on this one and have also purchased a battery holder that allows you to use a regular A544 battery (included) rather than the un-available one that the camera used originally.
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